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Why limit yourself to someone else's inventory? By logging in below you have the ability to view just about every variety of flower that is being grown right now! And most important of is still in the greenhouse, not already boxed in someones cooler! You can customize your purchase to your individual needs. 


We offer multiple weekly arrivals into Dulles, JFK, and MIA. So no matter where you are, we have a logistics solution for you. 



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Buying Dutch Products



Our Dutch inventory is incredibly large and varied. We offer some of the freshest products from Dutch farms. These products don't sit around in a cooler, they are cut fresh and come directly to you, per your specifications into Miami, DC, NY, or Chicago (whichever best suits your needs). The best way to learn more about our Dutch product is by registering. After registering we will send you a login and a password to our e-shop. 


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